iCougars Presentations

April 2011: Mobile Learning 2011 - Phoenix Arizona

February 2011: UCET, Jordan High School, Canyons School District

Creativity - UCET.pdf
Conference Handouts & Links: http://www.ucet.org/inUCETnew/conference/2011Presenters/index.html

December 2010: CFORUM, Granite School District

CFORUM Dec2010.pdf
CFORUM Wiki - Links to Monthly Agendas: http://cforum.wikispaces.com/Dec+3-Granite

August 2010 - Welcome Assembly

Hello Kearns High! I am here to you about the amazing opportunity given to each and every one of you and that is the iSchool at Kearns High School our iPod Touch program starting in November. A project we are calling iCougars and one that will turn Kearns High into “High-Tech High”. For the first time anywhere, and Apple has told us ANYWHERE in the world, has a high school as large as ours given iPod Touch’s to student for learning in new and exciting ways. iPod Touch’s that will be yours to use even outside of school, extending your learning opportunities to fit a 24/7 schedule. You will receive your iPod Touch loaded with educational apps, but will be able to customize the device with your own email, your own notes, and load your own pictures and music. And if you meet graduation requirements, graduating on time in June with your class, the iPod Touch is yours to keep. If you haven’t been excited for school to start this year, you should be! It is going to be a fast, and a wild and crazy TECHNOLOGIC” ride.

July 2010: Rural Schools, Cedar City

Rural School July 2010.pdf