1. Choose File --> New --> Distribution List (or press Ctrl+Shift+L). The Distribution List dialog box appears.
  2. Type the name that you want to assign to your Distribution List. The name that you type appears in the Name text box.
  3. Click the Add New Member Button.
  4. Type the name and the email address.
  5. When you're done picking names, click OK.
  6. Click Save and Close (or press Alt+S).
  7. The Distribution List dialog box closes and your Distribution List appears in your list of contacts

To send an email to your distribution list:
  • You can drag the card for a Distribution List to your Inbox to create a new email message to that list.
  • You can type the name of the Distribution List in the To: line of an email message and click the Check Names button in the toolbar.
  • When Outlook adds an underline to the name in the To: box, you know your message will go to the people on your Distribution List.

Read more: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/working-with-distribution-lists-in-outlook.html#ixzz1GZeJQKxH

Class email contacts and lists.
  1. From Gradebook reports select student name and number and open in excel.
  2. Place @graniteschools.com after student number or use conversion file. (If you use conversion file you will need to copy names and addresses and paste them in a new excel worksheet. ) need names and emails in excel workbook.
  3. Save your file as CSV file and close.
  4. In Outlook create a contacts list for the class you want. (right click contacts, new folder and name it).
  5. In outlook go to File drop down menu and go to Import and Export.
  6. Click next (other file).
  7. Then click CSV file (3rd from top).
  8. Choose your folder where you want your contacts to go. (the one you made in step 4.)
  9. Click the box next to import and drag the student's name to name (from left to right) and drag the email to the email spot.
  10. Click ok and finish.
  11. Your contacts are in your designated spot and you can create a distribution list by clicking New list.
  12. Select members, select all, name your list and save and close.

In Gradebook go to reports

  1. Select correct course and grading period
  2. Click generate next to the last option entitled Teacher Excel Worksheet
  3. Tell it ok to open with excel
  4. Once it is open you will need to stretch your first column and select left justification
  5. Double click after your first student number type @graniteschools.com
  6. This will turn your address into a hyperlink (blue) You may want to have your @graniteschools.com typed somewhere else to copy (or just copy it from my e-mail) it as you will need to remove the hyperlink to copy the one you just created!
  7. Once you have created the entire class open up your e-mail
  8. Go to file, new, distribution list
  9. Name your distribution list for the class e-mail list you just created i.e. 1A Junior Core
  10. Click on Add New
  11. You will now begin toggling back and forth between the excel list and your e-mail. You will be pasting the name and e-mail address in the required fields.
  12. After you have filled the two required fields hit save and continue on.
  13. When you have finished hit save and close.
  14. If you need to edit your list later click on Go, Contacts, and double click on the list you wish to edit.
  15. When your list is complete and you would like to send a message you will create a new message
  16. Click on the “To” button, pull down the address book tab, click on contacts and select the class you wish to send the message to and press ok.

  1. Build your class lists for each class this quarter
    1. From GradeBook, build each class list – they will automatically open in MS Excel
    2. Delete the top 2 blank rows at the top
    3. Add the @graniteschools.com to the student numbers using copy & paste
    4. Rename the student number column to “E-Mail Address”
    5. Add a 4th column named “Title”
    6. Fill in the contents of that column with period and quarter (ex: 1A2Q)
    7. Save the document as “CSV (MS-DOS)” file to match period and quarter (ex: 1A2Q)
    8. Export and build each class list by following 1a – 2g above
  2. Import class lists into Outlook
    1. From File choose “Import and Export…”
    2. “Import from another program or file”
    3. “Comma Separated Values (DOS)”
    4. “File to import”
    5. Browse for your first saved class list (1A2Q)
    6. Options ● “Allow duplicates to be created”
    7. “Select destination folder” = contacts
    8. If you set-up your class lists correctly, when you click on “Finish”, each student will be imported into your Contact List in Outlook (if not you will need to map out each field)
    9. Import each class list by following 2a – 2f above
  3. Build Distribution Lists
    1. Go to Contacts
    2. From File choose “New” -> “Distribution List”
    3. Name: Name your distribution list to match your class list (ex: 1A2Q)
    4. Click on the icon “Select Members”
    5. Change the Address Book at the top right to “Outlook Address Book, Contacts” from the drop-down menu
    6. Your contacts will then display in the main window. You will see that the contacts are listed alphabetically by title and then name (thus the beauty of creating a “title” for each student by class).
    7. Highlight all student in the class for which you are building the distribution list (ex: 1A2Q Andy, 1A2Q Beth, etc….)
    8. Click on “Members->” below
    9. Click on “OK” when all members are added to the list
    10. Click on “ Save and Close”
    11. Build each class distribution list by following 3b – 3j abov