August 15:

  • iSchool history and background at KHS
  • iPad overview and basic functions
  • set up wifi and email
  • Introduce and explore the app store on device

August 17:

  • Setting up an iTunes account
  • downloading apps: Google Earth,, CNN, iTranslate, Appzilla
  • iTunes on the computer
  • Syncing with iTunes
  • Complete the Equipment Loan form
  • Insurance forms

August 31:

  • Review pre-installed apps on the iPod, including camera
  • Download apps cont.: Google Earth,, CNN, iTranslate, Appzilla
    • explore with a partner
  • iTunesU
    • Lit2Go
    • MIT Open Courseware
    • Texas Education
    • K-12 Sites
  • Podcasts
    • finding and subscribing
  • App Categories: (Jigsaw)
    • News and newspapers
    • Health and Fitness
    • Video and Photography
    • Productivity

  • Homework assignment:
    • Review the apps in your category and be ready to share next week.
    • Download what the students have for your curriculum and generic apps

September 7:

  • Discuss apps from category with partner, then share best 2-3 with group
  • Curriculum Apps that go across curriculum
  • Creating slide shows with Slideshow Builder and Splice
  • Using Composite AV cable to project onto big screen
  • Flashcards:
    • Set up your account,
    • How to make flashcards and send to students
  • Set up wiki account and class page