The following applications comprise the initial list of teacher requested app for the

Kearns High Student iPod Touch Configuration. Paid applications are being purchased through the new Apple volume licensing procedures. Teachers may request new applications which students will receive on updates weeks.

FindMyIpod.pngFind My iPod Touch
Find your iPod Touch if lost or stolen (maybe). After students have completed the December update (which not only puts new apps on their devices, but also updates to the new 4.2 OS) students are encouraged to configure their iPod Touch to utilize the "Find My iPod Touch" feature. Find my iPod Touch Described , Watch the Video Instructions, and follow the Step by Step Instructions

MobiCIP Online Safety - Internet Filtering for Families
Families may choose to control internet access at home with the MobiCIP app. After students have completed the December update the MobiCIP app will be installed on student devices. Kearns High School has provided the $4.99 app for all students, however families will need to create an online account and pay the $9.99 year fee.