Revisiting Basics & Tips & Tricks for the iPod/iPad

- Welcome. Some settings may be a review, others forgotten about, and others new.

- Class is from 2:30-4. This is a 2 week class. Sometime during the week between classes you need to teach your students the tip/trick and then during your classes use it. Write a half page refection on it.

- Show links to KHS icougar/district iPod website, bookmark,

Discussion of why do they have an iPod/iPad? Why both?
  1. Apps are different on iPad than on the iPod. Need to know student versions.
  2. To display their iPod under the doc camera so they are demonstrating on the same device as students.

Management – (10 min) Tips and tricks on managing the environment with iPods is just as important as knowing how to use it.
Group discussion
- What doesn’t work in the classroom with iPods
- What does work well

- Keep a case on it, case broke, never got around to buying a new one, over the summer my iPod experienced one too many drops, cracked screen.

Review 2 power points

Settings not in the power points
- Double tap home button – shows task bar adjust volume, music, orientation, etc
- keyboard changes slightly when typing in a web address bar
- Save picture, hold finger on picture
- Shake iPod to undo typing
- Moving icons, creating folders, etc
- Bookmarking – home screen, bookmarks, what icon looks like
- When listening to something, and iPod is asleep, double tap home screen
- Drop Box – Simplified my life, Universal thumb drive, discuss Geo Caching this summer
- Google Sync