Turning Technologies Class Agenda Day 1

  1. ‍‍Welcome - Introduction of Program
  2. Download Responseware App
  3. Who's Smarter Than a Fifth Grader - how the program works
  4. Change Password & Set Session ID
  5. Components of Turning Point
  6. October 5, 2011 Assignment

Turning Technologies Class Agenda Day 2

  1. Welcome Back/Agenda
  2. Questions on Software
  3. Answer Questions
  4. Class Participant Slide Show
  5. Class Assignment
    1. Complete a Presentation in your Content Area
    2. 10 Question Slides
      1. One additional object onto each slide
        1. Ex. Countdown, Grid, Response Counter, Correct Answer Indicator
      2. Add 5 additional extras
        1. Fastest Responders, Participant Leader Board, Team Assignment Slide, Team Leader Board, or Wager Slide.
    3. Use the interactive presentation with your students
      1. E-mail me your Slide Show
      2. E-mail Session Reports: Results by Question Reports & Results by Participation Report

‍How to Download Software

  • Go to http://turningtechnologies/com website
  • click downloads (big green button).
  • Find the heading Polling software and click the arrow next to Turning Point
  • Click PC-Install Version
  • Enter your info
  • And then download and run.