AGENDA - February 9

1. Top 10 iPod Management in the Classroom!

Keep things new and interesting.
2. Discussion - on Activities that we have used with and without iPods that have worked well.
-Are there ways that we can use the iPods in those activities that are successful in our classes?
- With the iPods, there is always new stuff...the novelty shouldn't ware off...

3. Examples of Multiple App Activities that I have used in Spanish.
a. Scavenger Hunt

b.Spanish iPod Activity

4. YOU try it!!

a. Activity 1
Spanish Introductions
1. Download Spanish Dict, Spanish Living Language and Free Spanish Book.

2. Use Spanish Dict app and review Greetings and Introductions in the phrases category.

3. Use the Spanish Living Language App and open the Essential category. Review the information and use the games and quizzes and dialogue practice.

(4. Read story 21 in Free Spanish Book.)

5. Using Voice Memos Record an introductory conversation in Spanish. You can work with a partner if desired.

b. Activity 2
1. iSpanish by Lingora app. Use the app and go to level 4 and review the vocabulary under "Everyday clothes".

2. Spanish Dict app. Use this app to review shopping phrases by going to the phrases section and clicking on the Shopping category.

3. 24/7 Spanish App. Complete the "Questions" section of the app.

4. Watch the following youtube video and see how well you comprehend it.

c. Activity 3.
Create an assignment using at least 4 different apps, at least 3 being curriculum apps. We will share these next time.