Kearns High School, Kearns, Utah
Established: November 2010
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“The kids these days are not digital kids.
The digital kids were in the ’90s.
The kids today are mobile, and there’s a difference.
Digital is the old way of thinking, mobile is the new way.”
-Pockets of Potential, Joan Ganz Cooney Center, Sesame Street Corporation

Welcome to our 1:1 iPod Touch program called iCougars! The iCougars@KHS project seeks to increase student achievement of our high school students through a student-centered, one-to-one mobile technologies model by providing every student and staff member with personal access to a mobile computing device in a wireless environment. The mobility of these devices will allow staff and students to use them for learning both inside and outside of school, engaging a 21st century 24/7 learning environment. Mobile devices in class will enable students to engage in research, team projects, classroom activities, and academic coursework. Beyond the school campus the devices will remain in the hands of students, available for homework, email, extra-curricular activities, independent learning, and problem solving. Using the devices for formal class work as well as independent study and personal interests, students will gain not only immediate academic benefits but also valuable 21st century skills that will benefit them in their lives and careers. 1700 students and nearly 100 teachers will participate in the largest iPod Touch implementation to date.

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"We ARE the Future"
iCougars Assembly
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"We ARE the Future"
iPod Touch Deployment
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"We ARE the Future"
iCougars in the Classroom
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